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What Happened to This? Diablo 3 Back in 2009

  • Feb 09, 2013

So I was looking at some Diablo 3 screenshots released back in 2009 and it left me wondering, what the hell happened? I remember when Diablo 3 was officially announced and I could not believe my eyes. As time flew by, images as seen below were published showcasing the interface, skill tree and some armor and weaponry icons. My mind got blown away after throwing a glimpse at this, it really looked like we were getting an upgraded version of D2.

I don’t want to be negative against the current state of Diablo 3 (i’m sure it will be improved over time), but I did expect D3 to be an upgraded version of Diablo 2. Instead, the developers, I guess, were asked to be innoative and creative in order to change the core basics of the game, which was already great in Diablo 2. I just had to post this screenshot because it is simply amazing! I really wonder how Diablo 3 could have turned out if they decided to stick with the skill tree system and allowing stats to be distributed by the player, and kept the level cap to 99, and runes and runewords, and charms. Oh my… Descions, decisions…