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Hardcore is Diablo 3

  • Feb 26, 2013

Diablo 3 has been out for a while now and the enjoyment have been average with ups and downs. But this week I tryed something completely new: HARDCORE. I never understood why people played hardcore and risk the amount of hours and effort it takes to build a character, but I really do now! The thrills and chills that comes with it is pure entertainment. Battles are WAY more alive, tactical and creepy… Because you don’t know when you’re gonna get trapped, frozen, or stunned and a second later get jacked.

My heart is literally pounding when my Barbarian gets stuck in a sticky situation! I feel alive when I play Diablo 3 this way, and it might sound nerdy as *#!& and it might also sound like I don’t have a life (I really don’t), but I think i’m never going to play softcore ever again. It’s just not worth it, it’s just not fun when you can’t take risks. And that’s what you do everytime you step out of town, you put your character in jeopardy when you take him out for a cruise.

There have been several close calls (below 5% hp) but I have always managed to save Leap to get out of bad situations.

That’s Garduc the Barbarian, currently level 52, and he has a lot more balls than your 200k dps softcore characters. I have been playing on Monster Power 10 from the get-go and I LOVE the challenge! Every little upgrade you find or craft (which is now very rewarding and helpful) increases your chances of surviving. The auction house is a lot more player driven too. People actually buy low level stuff all the time. Here’s a screenshot of my AH log. As you can see, almost everything I put up gets sold. You have to be clever with the price and what kind of item you’re putting up though, as survival gear is number one priority.

If you want to hook up or get a helping hand, I can be found on the EU server. Send me a message and we’ll chat! Diablo 3 should be played in hardcore mode. You have to try it out, trust me!

To end this post, here’s an awesome Hardcore Death Compilation & Close Calls video! Priceless reactions!