Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Changes - Pets are not Surviving

Blizzard on Witch Doctor Changes – Pets are not Surviving!

Posted by Murdoc - June 1, 2012 - News - 4 Comments

If you have played the Witch Doctor on Inferno, you already know that pets are useless in that diifculty. Blizzard have noticed this and is considering a change so that pets scale with your vitality to make them survive and fight longer by your side.

While the intent is for witch doctors to re-summon Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan fairly often, we agree that pets aren’t living long enough in higher difficulty levels. Of course, the harder difficulties are supposed to be more challenging, but we don’t think it’s fun gameplay to cast Zombie Dogs, watch them die almost instantly, wait for the cooldown to reset, re-cast Zombie Dogs, watch them die almost instantly…etc. And this is happening even when players are wearing pretty reasonable gear.

We’re looking into ways to improve witch doctor pet survivability at later levels, but we don’t have any clear plans to share just yet. One thing we’re considering, though, is having pets scale with your Vitality (which they currently do not do).

I play the WD and it sucks to have chosen a class specialized on pets, then later to find out that they’re not helpful in higher diificulties. Both Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan are impractial in Inferno. If the Gargantuan can atleast withstand 15 hits from trash mobs¬†(depending on gear) with this change, that would be plain awesome.


  • Snoobl June 1, 2012

    I’ve also noticed this when playing WD on higher difficulty. But now i don’t need pets, i died on level 49.

    • Murdoc June 1, 2012

      Hahaha, i’m guessing you rolled a hardcore WD? Daaaaaaaym.

      • Snoobl June 2, 2012

        Yes. 60 Barbarian and 60 Witch Doc on Softcore, hate the market situation and that everyone is dying through the inferno mode to farm high end items, so i decided to play hardcore forever.
        I already started my next try!

  • Piemelworst June 3, 2012

    Really unbelievable that pets not scale with vitality. Didn’t Blizz test Inferno with a WD at all? If they did, they should have noticed it allready and now its useless to go Inferno unless you want to kite all the way.
    Pets should benefit from your gear, now we can wait some months before it will be fixed.

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