Diablo 3: Monk Tier Sets

Posted by Murdoc - November 8, 2011 - News, Screenshots - 9 Comments

I finally got hold of all the tier sets for the Monk. They’re arranged in an ascending order, starting with the lowest tiers to the highest. I posted all tier sets for the other classes a while ago, so if you haven’t seen them, here they are: BarbarianDemon HunterWitch DoctorWizard


  • klesk November 8, 2011

    yeah..i dont know…i like the class but the gear don’t look very well..its my opinion

  • klesk November 8, 2011

    maybe last 4 looks fine..i dont see them earlier..tnx anyway 4 sharing

  • robinhood November 9, 2011

    The girl with pink dress must be my princess

  • Schizer March 13, 2012

    I think the headgears are the ones that make the overall gear look ridiculous. But I’m not really complaining. They just don’t look very Diablo-ish.

  • Gbas March 23, 2012

    i hope they put a hide helmet option…

  • LF4 May 8, 2012

    Is Tier 16 going to be updated so it’s uniform with the other images? Also Female tier 16 is missing. Sad face.

    • Ali June 2, 2012

      That bothered me too I tugohh for a second I was watching some photo shoot where she was posing for the flashes. Also, I’m still not satisfied with the look of the game and I don’t believe it will be changing much anytime soon. At least it’s D3 I suppose. Reply

  • Kishobran May 29, 2012

    What the heck are you guys talking about. Apart from maybe 10 and 14, these are awesome. Tier 12 has one of the best helmets in game, imo. Fuckin loving it.
    Most are very asian, samurai-like, which can’t be bad.

  • Vikas June 3, 2012

    No problem man. I mean do the math, daiblo 2 has been up and running for 10 years and still has yet to have a action rpg come close to it. I still play it. People still buy stuff for it daily and spend hundreds of dollars just to get back into dueling. Its that addicting. It requires skill and good equipment, but good skill will always win as long as you have decent equipment. You actually have to aim and use spells wisely.

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